Past Media Attention
June 8 Cretikos - Cretan Daily Newspaper

Half page coverage of the owner visiting Greece,
his homeland, in order to open up a Greek restaurant
December 27 Nikkei Newspaper, Evening Edition
Section to show the Olympics coming ahead next year.
Pictures: Fried Cod, Moussaka
January Edition EL Magazine

Spyro's Opening Party Pictures: Owner, Spyro's staff, Greek
Ambassador, etc.
January 6 Weekly Tokyo Walker
Brought up in the "Newly Open" section
Pictures: Moussaka, Egg & Lemon Soup, Assorted Dessert, Retsina
February 25 Hanako

Brought up for "Mostly likely to be a Big Hit" section
Pictures: Moussaka, Halloumi Cheese, Greek Salad,
Homebaked Bread, Gyros
February 13 AX TV - FujiRock (Nippon TV)
Comedian Takashi Fujii invites singer Kaori Iida for a talk show, filmed @Spyro's
March 10-11 Tokyo FoodEx 2004

Exhibited yuvechi and kourambiedes for the Greek booth
April Issue Classy

Brought up on 4/1 for their monthly calendar
Pictures: Moussaka, Gyros Set
April 2 Metropolis

Brought up on the "Restaurant Review" section
Pictures: Interior
April 8 Daily Yomiuri Newspaper, evening edition

"Coming Ahead Olympics" section
Pictures: Moussaka, Clams in Ouzo Sauce
April 16 Guru-Guru Ninety Nine, Nippon TV

Comedy Show filmed at Spyro's
Food Items: Gyros, Yuvechi, Moussaka
May Issue CanCam

Spot for Celebrity Readers
Pictures: Greek Salad, Moussaka, Salmon Gyros
May 7 Mainichi Newspaper, eveing edition
Theme on Athens Olympics
May 17, 24 Runner's High, Fuji TV

TV Series where the main actor works at a Greek restaurant (Spyro's)
May 27 World Business Satellite, TV Tokyo

Theme on Athens Olympics
June Edition Invitation

Greece Now and Japan Now
Pictures: Halloumi Cheese, Greek Salad, Fried Cod, Moussaka, Yuvechi, Ouzo
June Edition Cafe & Restaurant

Brought up Spyro's homebaked bread
Pictures: Owner, Spyro's natural yeast bread
June 5 J-wave FM Japan

Tokyo Concierge
June 6 FM NACK5 - Sunday Navigation

Brought up Spyro's and the Greek culture
June 7 Hanamaru Market, TBS TV

Part of a quiz show on taramosalata
June 8 FRAU

okyo Concierge
Pictures: Yuvechi, Fried Cod, Moussaka, Souvlaki
June 10 From A

Interview of a part time worker at Spyro's
June 11 Tamori Club, TV Asahi

30 minute program covering mainly Greek food and culture
June 16 mono magazine

Queen's favorite menu section
Pictures: Yuvechi, Moussaka, Greek Salad, Ouzo
June 21

Coverage in the gourmet corner
Pictures: Interior, kitchen, bar area, chicken gyro, souvlaki, yuvechi, owner
June 22 FNN Super News, Fuji TV

Coverage of Greek food and wine
June 23 TBS Radio

Brought up in "Yoshihiro Arakawa's Day Catch" section
June 23 Evening Fuji Newspaper

Brought up Greek food, wine and owner Pictures: Souvlaki, Cretikos, Dip Set, owner
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